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the sea of trees budget

The Sea Of Trees was fully financed by Ken Kao’s Waypoint Entertainment for $25 million and Ken Kao and Alex Walton’s newly formed international sales shingle Bloom took the project to the 2014 Cannes Film Festival for pre-sales.  The Sea Of Trees was one of the hottest projects at the festival and sold out most of the world to major distributors within six days, which would limit Kao’s exposure to the budget.  The film completed production in 2014 and landed a coveted competition slot at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival…More »

ben-hur flop

In February 2013 MGM landed a $650 million credit line from JP Morgan, which would help get the lion to be a functional studio once again, since they had to borrow from both Warner Bros and Sony to pay for their backend in hits like The Hobbit and Skyfall.  Flush with cash, MGM began active development in 2013 on the third big screen feature of Ben-Hur after the successful 1925 and 1959 films.  In April 2014, Paramount boarded the project and would co-finance 20% of the movie and handle domestic distribution and the bulk of the $100 million budget…More »

ghostbusters flop

This remake/reboot/continuation of Ghostbusters was financed by Sony, with Village Roadshow contributing 25% of the $144 million budget and LStar Capital (a $200 million equity line at Sony that covers their slate of films) which partially contributed to Sony’s end.  Continuing the Ghostbusters franchise had been an uphill battle for years, with the original players Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and director Ivan Reitman given the right to approve or not approve a screenplay for any feature — and to complicate matters, they had to unanimously agree…More »

alice through the looking glass flop

Alice Through The Looking Glass comes six years after the first installment pulled in just over a billion dollars worldwide and in the subsequent years saw the commercial appeal of 3D dip and the drawing power of Johnny Depp wan.  Disney financed this sequel for $170 million and Alice 2 had the full force of the mouse house marketing machine behind it and Disney is reported to be on the line for $320 million after a global marketing blitz.  In addition to the costly P&A spend, Disney licensed the hell out of the film, partnering with dozens and dozens…More »


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