Blu-Ray Releases for August 25, 2015

aloha blu-rayALOHA (2015) — Aloha cost $37m and was financed by Sony who contributed roughly 50%, New Regency 25%, RatPac 25% and LStar Capital (a $200m equity line at Sony that covers a slate of films) who partially contributed to Sony’s end.  With disparaging remarks from Sony executives, which leaked from Sony’s hacked emails last winter, Aloha opened to little hype and months of bad buzz.  Going into release Sony had spent $14.1m on television ads and millions more from print, online, poster, and other P&A costs, which despite pumping in over $20m in a marketing campaign, is soft for a wide summer release.  Predictably, Aloha opened in the US to a weak $9,670,235 in 2,815 theaters and despite the star power of Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone, the film garnered little interest from movie goers and being a critical punching-bag did not help the poor pre-release buzz.  The film saw a steep 66.5% second weekend decline to $3,240,312 and a 69.3% drop in its third frame to $994,396 and Aloha closed with only $21,067,116.  Sony would see back about $11.5m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, barely covering half of their P&A spend.  After the box office juggernaut American Sniper, Cooper saw his long delayed Serena barely make a blip on the box office radar just a few months ago.

Aloha rolls out overseas slowly through October and will be released in most territories by FOX.

the babysitter blu-rayTHE BABYSITTER (1995) — The first film that was fully financed by Spelling Films was this Alicia Silverstone vehicle, made for a cheap $2m and every studio passed on the film and Spelling’s video division Republic Pictures decided to send it direct-to-video.  Shortly after the decision to bypass a theatrical release, Clueless opened and propelled the actress to media superstar and Miramax offered to purchase the film for a theatrical release for $2m.  Spelling Films had already sent out screeners of The Babysitter to video retailers and decided to capitalize on Silverstone’s new fame by having video stores stack up on many copies of the title.