Blu-Ray Releases for July 28, 2015

cherry 2000CHERRY 2000 (1987) — Orion Pictures financed Cherry 2000 for $10m and had it collect cobwebs in their vault for over two years, before dumping it straight to video.  Apparently the genre mashup was a head scratcher for the marketing division at Orion, who continually postponed the film’s theatrical release, before eventually giving up on the release.  Director Steve De Jarnatt completed filming on his next project Miracle Mile and was finishing up post production, when Cherry 2000 finally was dumped in video stores.

ghost townGHOST TOWN (1988) — This cheapie from Charles Band’s Empire Pictures was apparently a mess of a production with the original director who was sacked, which is credited as Richard Governor (Ghost Town is his only credit) – who may or may not be a pseudonym and Empire Pictures regular cinematographer Mac Ahlberg picked up uncredited director duties.  The film was rushed through post production as Empire Pictures was collapsing and Ghost Town was released as an unfinished work print on VHS and quickly disappeared — until now.

miracle mileMIRACLE MILE (1989) — Director Steve De Jarnatt’s second release this week, Miracle Mile was filmed in 1987, but saw a brief theatrical release in 1989.  The script of Miracle Mile by Jarnatt bounced around Hollywood for years, before landing at Warner Bros, who refused to allow Jarnatt to direct the film.  Years later Jarnatt eventually purchased the script back from Warner Bros and Hemdale Film backed the film for a modest $3.7m.  The shifts in tone and genre mashup, like his previous feature, were a difficult sell and an advertising stunt in the San Fernando Valley, where 6 foot posters with day-glo colors were illegally hanging from tons of utility poles, annoyed the hell out of residents who complained it was professional graffiti.  Miracle Mile opened to decent reviews, but played in only 143 theaters to a weak $341,401 when See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Road House led the weekend.  Miracle Mile closed its small theatrical run with only $1,145,404.  The film saw a brief belated run in the UK in 1991.