Blu-Ray Releases for June 23, 2015

fledFLED (1996) — MGM financed Fled for $25m and according to Variety the cash strapped studio was projecting the film to pull in $100m at the box office.  The 1996 film opened with a weak $5,405,855 and quickly closed way below the absurd studio projections with $17,193,231 and pulled in just $2,700,000 overseas.

johnny be goodJOHNNY BE GOOD (1988) — This Anthony Michael Hall vehicle was destroyed by critics and distributor/financier Orion opened the $22m film in 1,168 theaters to a soft $5,249,388.  Johnny Be Good quickly closed with $17,550,399 and ended Hall’s studio leading man status back in 1988.

soul planeSOUL PLANE (2004) — MGM backed Soul Plane for $16m and a high quality copy of the film found its way onto the streets months before it’s release. The bootlegs sold extremely well and the film suffered at the box office with just $14,190,750, leaving MGM with $7.7m after theaters take their percentage of the gross — far below their P&A spend and leaving the budget in the red.  The film saw a brief release overseas to just $631,596.

stone coldSTONE COLD (1991) — This Brian Bosworth action vehicle was financed by Stone Group Pictures for $17m and was distributed by Columbia Pictures who opened the film in 1,729 theaters to a terrible $2,811,154 and promptly killed off Bosworth’s theatrical leading man career.  The film quickly left theaters with $9,151,887