Blu-Ray Releases for October 20, 2015

bordello of blood blu-rayTales from the Crypt Presents: Bordello of Blood (1996) — Released a year after the moderate box office success of Demon Knight, Universal financed Bordello Of Blood for an estimated $13 million and opened the film at the end of the summer dumping ground where it pulled in an awful $2,634,170 opening weekend.  Bordello Of Blood was given a poor C+ cinemascore by audiences, which isn’t uncommon for the genre and the film collapsed 63.3% the following weekend to $966,145 and was quickly out of release with $5,781,045.  Bordello Of Blod was sent straight to video in almost every overseas market and killed off Universal’s plans to continue Tales From The Crypt theatrical features.  In 1998 the Weinstein’s Dimension label struck a deal to produce more features, but nothing ever materialized.