Budget: $50m Financed by: Warner Bros
Domestic Gross: $26,235,081 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $5,559,637

blood work eastwood box officeBlood Work was financed by Warner Bros for $50 million and the Clint Eastwood film opened in the same range as his 1999 flop True Crime.  Blood Work was booked in 2,525 theaters and pulled in a soft $7,312,413 and saw a modest 34.3% second weekend decline to $4,807,836.  The third frame dipped 40.9% to $2,840,880 and the pic closed its US run with an underwhelming $26,235,081.  Warner Bros would see back about $14.4 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving part of the P&A costs in the red.  Overseas, where most of Eastwood’s film pull in decent box office numbers, Blood Work was mostly dumped by Warner Bros.  The film played only in 57 theaters in the UK to all of $266,386 and France posted the highest gross with just $1.3 million.  The overseas total was $5,559,637 which has been Eastwood’s lowest overseas gross since release.