Budget: $34m Financed by: Sony
Domestic Gross: $23,586,598 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $246,533

eight crazy nights box officeSony backed the critically maligned Adam Sandler animated Eight Crazy Nights for $34 million and opened it against the animated box office fiasco Treasure Planet over the Thanksgiving frame.  Eight Crazy Nights pulled in a weak $9,434,175 and fell 48.5% in its second frame to $4,854,255 and collapsed 63.2% in its third set to $1,785,832.  Eight Crazy Nights was quickly out of release with $23,586,598 — Sony would see back about $12.9 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving part of the P&A costs in the red and the budget at a loss.  Sony dumped the the toon straight to video in almost every overseas market and it pulled in just $246,533 from the UK, Australia and Spain.