Budget: $55m Financed by: Universal; Capella Intl.
Domestic Gross: $79,161 Domestic Distributor: DEJ Prods.
Overseas Gross: $6,337,141

eye see you d-tox stalloneBack in 1998 Stallone chose this disaster to be his followup performance to Cop Land and was to be the first of a three picture deal between Stallone and Universal, which was set up in 1995 that guaranteed Stallone $60 million from the three films.  In 2000, while this movie was delayed, Universal pulled out of the agreement with Stallone.  Universal and Capella Intl. financed what went into production as D-Tox, before having its domestic name changed to Eye See You for $55 million and the film was produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment.  Completed in 1999, the film was delayed after very poor test screenings and reshoots and eventually Imagine removed their name from the picture and Eye See You sat unreleased on the shelf.  Eventually Universal dumped Eye See You and sold off the troubled pic to DEJ Prods., which was video chain Blockbuster’s acquisition/distribution arm.  DEJ gave the Stallone vehicle a token theatrical release in 78 theaters where it pulled in just $79,161 and the film was primed for a video release.  Overseas, UIP (joint distribution between Universal and Paramount) handled the release and was sent out as D-Tox in most markets and most territories pulled in far less than a million and the overseas total was $6,337,141.