Budget: $16m Financed by: Dreamworks; VCL Film+Media
Domestic Gross: $4,850,753 Domestic Distributor: Dreamworks
Overseas Gross: $9,718,991

hollywood ending box officeThe second of three comedy films from Woody Allen’s three picture financing and distribution pact with Dreamworks, who distributes in the US and German based VCL Film+Media co-finances with Dreamworks and owns the overseas rights.  Hollywood Ending was budgeted at $16 million and Dreamworks put the picture out in the US as counter programming to Spider-Man and it was dead on arrival with $2,017,981 in 765 theaters, placing outside the top 10 at #11.  Hollywood Ending saw a 45.7% second weekend decline to $1,096,353 and closed its run with $4,850,753.  The following year, Dreamworks would market Allen’s next film Anything Else without his name in the marketing material and the film managed to do even worse.  Overseas did not save Hollywood Ending and it pulled in a poor $9,718,991 across many distributors and it was the first Woody Allen film to be sent straight to video in the UK.