Budget: $40m Financed by: Miramax (Dimension)
Domestic Gross: $6,285,176 Domestic Distributor: Miramax (Dimension)
Overseas Gross: $1,860,373

impostor box officeFilmed back in 1998, this penny pinching sci-fi tale was financed by Miramax’s Dimension label for $40 million and since the budget is not on screen, the endless reshoots over three years certainly drove up the costs.  Impostor was originally a short film that was to be one of three sci-fi tales in an anthology, but the others did not materialize and Impostor was expanded, rewritten and then retooled to death.  With costumes and props used from Starship Troopers and vfx stock footage used from Armageddon, this cheap looking dud was originally scheduled for release on October 6 2000 and changed dates about half a dozen times before being unloaded January 4 2002.  Impostor was trimmed to a PG-13 rating in the US and booked in 1,870 theaters, where it tanked with $3,022,523 and audiences gave the movie a terrible C cinemascore.  Impostor declined 52.2% in its second frame to $1,445,680 and was out of release after four weeks with just $6,285,176.  Miramax sold off overseas rights to numerous distributors, which would slightly limit their exposure to the budget and distributors dumped the film in every market with a small release to all of $1,860,373 and it went straight to video in Germany and most smaller markets.