Budget: $60 million Financed by: Spyglass Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $43,061,982 Domestic Distributor: Disney (Touchstone)
Overseas Gross: $39,088,201 Director: Rob Bowman

reign of fire box officeReign Of Fire was fully financed by Spyglass Entertainment, which was based at Disney until October 2002 and Disney distributed the pic.  Reign Of Fire had excellent audience awareness going into release and Disney slated the picture for a prime summer opening, where it would play against Men In Black II in its second weekend and open against Road To Perdition.  Reign Of Fire received mostly terrible reviews and was booked into 2,629 theaters, where it came in with a disappointing $15,632,281 — when Men In Black II took the top spot and Road To Perdition came in second, despite playing in 1,797 theaters.  The film had poor legs and fell 53.2% the following weekend to $7,317,994 and dropped 52.6% in its third session to $3,469,035 and closed with $43,061,982.  Disney distributed in most overseas countries, where the pic took in mostly poor numbers.  The UK gross at just $5 million was the strongest showing and the overseas total was $39 million.  After a pricey P&A spend, Disney took a loss on the picture and noted the sizable loss in a quarter investor report, along with the huge flop Bad Company that spoiled their earnings from the hit Lilo & Stitch. Reign Of Fire was a major blow to Spyglass which hadn’t had a hit since The Sixth Sense in 1999 and Shanghai Noon in 2000.