Budget: $80m Financed by: Miramax; Paramount
Domestic Gross: $18,306,166 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $11,576,479

four feather 2002 box officeThe Four Feathers was co-financed by Miramax and Paramount for north of $80 million after the budget went awry during a difficult production and the two studios had to bring in a bond company to oversee the shoot after it was hemorrhaging cash.  The $35 million budget that is circulating the web is miles off (see Variety).  Paramount distributed in the US and Miramax handled overseas sales to distributors and all income was to be split evenly between the two companies.  The Four Feathers was hurt by mixed to poor reviews and Paramount opened the pic in the US in 1,912 theaters to a weak $6,857,879 and decided to expand the movie the following weekend in hopes word of mouth among adult audiences would strong enough to break out.  Paramount added 275 theaters to diminishing returns and the film saw a steep 48.1% drop to $3,556,687 and it closed with a terrible $18,306,166.  Paramount/Miramax would see back about $10 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which leaves a good portion of their P&A spent in the red.  The Four Feathers was a disaster overseas, grossing $98,329 in a moderately wide release in the UK in 143 theaters and its numbers not reported after its opening weekend.  The Four Feathers was dumped in most markets, where its overseas total was just $11,576,479.