Budget: $30 million Financed by: Intermedia; IMF tax fund
Domestic Gross: $12,988,801 Domestic Distributor: Miramax
Overseas Gross: $14,685,323 Director: Phillip Noyce

the quiet american box officeThe Quiet American was a long in development project that had a rocky road to a theatrical release.  Director Phillip Noyce was developing the project at Paramount in 1997, but they balked at the film’s budget and dropped the film.  German based Intermedia took on financing duties and received capital from the IMF German tax fund for the $30 million budget.  MGM had a first look deal for The Quiet American, but Miramax acquired US rights for $5.5 million and Intermedia protected itself from much of the budget through pre-sales.  Miramax removed the film from its calendar after the September 11th attacks, fearing the pic would be scrutinized as anti-american and tried to shop the pic to other distributors.  Michael Caine helped rescue the film from being completely buried by Miramax by pleading with Harvey Weinstein to screen the film and Weinstein secured a slot for The Quiet American at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The pic’s potential theatrical release was going to be gauged by its reception and it received positive reviews and much Oscar buzz for Caine’s performance.  Miramax quickly slated the movie for a limited release on November 22 for an Oscar qualifying run.  The Quiet American was booked into 6 theaters and took in $101,663 with a $16,943 per screen average.  The film remained in just a handful of theaters until Caine received an Oscar nomination and the film expanded.  The widest the movie expanded to was just 396 theaters and for a film that was not given a strong commercial push by its distributor, The Quiet American managed to pull in $12,988,801.  Most overseas distributors didn’t do much in the way of pushing the film and it pulled in small numbers in every market and despite being financed by German coin, it grossed just $884,868 in the country.  The highest overseas gross was $2.9 million from Australia and its total was $14.6 million.  Intermedia would not see any overages to cover their exposure to the budget.