Budget: $30m Financed by: Senator Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $7,073,251 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Columbia)
Overseas Gross: $6,341,165

trapped 2002 box officeSenator Entertainment fully financed Trapped for $30 million and Sony took on distribution duties in most markets.  After a few high profile kidnappings in the US, the subject matter of Trapped was toxic to Sony and they tried to disguise the kidnapping premise from its marketing and basically buried the film.  Going into release, there were no actor interviews or promotions and Sony did not even screen the film for critics.  Trapped was released in 2,227 theaters and it predictably bombed, placing #10 for the weekend with a terrible $3,210,765 coming in way behind fellow flop openers Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever and The Four Feathers.  Trapped fell 53.2% in its second frame to $1,502,880 and closed its US run with $7,073,251.  The film did not fare much better overseas and pulled in just $6,341,165.