Budget: $30m Financed by: Franchise Pictures; Epsilon Motion Pictures; Warner Bros (20%)
Domestic Gross: $14,218,698 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $1,150,199

alex and emmaAfter Franchise Pictures received pressure from Warner Bros to finance films of a certain quality, after expensive embarrassments like Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever, Feardotcom, Battlefield Earth and others, Warner Bros agreed to pony up 20% of the budget for Alex & Emma.  Franchise Pictures financed the $30m Kate Hudson vehicle with the German based Epsilon Motion Pictures, with Warner Bros distributing in the US.  Alex & Emma was positioned as counter programming to Ang Lee’s Hulk and found itself in 7th place for the weekend with $6,111,074 and the film showed no legs at the box office, sinking 57.1% in its second frame to $2,622,483.  After a 74.7% third weekend decline to $663,486 Alex & Emma quickly disappeared from release with just $14,218,698 which would not even cover 1/3 of Warner Bros P&A costs, after theaters take their percentage of the gross.  Alex & Emma played theatrically in a few markets overseas, to only $1,150,199 across a few distributors.