Budget: $17m Financed by: Franchise Pictures
Domestic Gross: $0 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $824,597

avenging angelo stalloneElie Samaha’s notorious Franchise Pictures, the criminal production and financing shingle that would fraudulently inflate the budgets of their mostly awful slate of films, like Battlefield Earth, so that their financing partners end up shouldering most of the costs, financed this Stallone turkey for $17 million — though it is uncertain where the money actually came from, since their German partner Intertainment was involved with litigation against Samaha and a new shingle formed by Samaha and Tarak Ben Ammar, was a mystery if Ammar actually invested any cash into Franchise films.  Regardless, the film sat without a release date from 2001, which was to be released by Warner Bros, until they dumped Avenging Angelo straight to video in 2003.  Franchise sold off distribution to overseas distributors, who mostly sent it straight to video and in the few markets it saw a brief a theatrical release, it pulled in a mere $824,597.