Budget: $20m Financed by: Motion Picture Corporation of America; International West Pictures; ApolloMedia; Gemini Films
Domestic Gross: $8,600,126 Domestic Distributor: Artisan
Overseas Gross: $6,420,167

boat tripThis Cuba Gooding Jr vehicle was financed by the Motion Picture Corporation of America, International West Pictures, ApolloMedia and Gemini Films for $20m and Artisan picked up US distribution rights on this turkey.   Boat Trip opened in the US in 1,714 theaters to a dead on arrival $3,815,075 and didn’t last long in release after it fell 55.7% the following weekend to $1,691,121.  Boat Trip bombed out of theaters with $8,600,126 and would be the second to last wide release by Artisan before they were bought out by Lionsgate.  The last film being the legendary stinker House Of The Dead.  Entertainment distributed Boat Trip in the UK to a poor $1.5m and Spain posted the highest number with just $2.1m.  The overseas total was just $6,420,167 and Boat trip went straight to video in Australia and France.