Budget: $15m Financed by: FilmFour; Odeon Film; Grosvenor Park; MFG
Domestic Gross: $354,421 Domestic Distributor: Miramax
Overseas Gross: $1,946,263

buffalo soldiers Buffalo Soldiers was financed by FilmFour, Munich based Odeon Film, British based Grosvenor Park (contributed $3.3m) and MFG for $15m.  Miramax picked up Buffalo Soldiers — a week after the September 11th attacks — which was the hot title at the 2001 Toronto Intl. Film Festival and then kept the film off their calendar for about two years, as they did not want to market a satire on the military in an agitated post 9/11 climate.  Miramax ended up dumping the film in 6 theaters to a weak $30,977 and never expanded the picture beyond 24 theaters and Buffalo Soldiers closed its brief run with only $354,421.  Overseas the film had little appeal and grossed a mere $1,946,263 with most of that coming from the UK which pulled in $1.3m.  Buffalo Soldiers went straight to video in most markets in a belated release in 2004 and 2005.