Budget: N/A Financed by: Disney
Domestic Gross: $21,386,011 Domestic Distributor: Disney (Buena Vista)
Overseas Gross: $7,733,423

cold creek manorDirector Mike Figgis took a break from his low budget experimental features and helmed this big budget generic thriller for Disney.  Cold Creek Manor opened to awful reviews and its marketing sold the picture with a horror/haunted house angle, despite being nothing of the sort and attracted just $8,190,574 opening weekend in 2,035 theaters.  Audiences gave Cold Creek Manor a poor C- cinemascore and the film saw a modest decline for the genre at 46.2% to $4,405,084 and a 43% third weekend drop to $2,511,141.  Cold Creek Manor closed with $21,386,011.  The film saw a theatrical release in just a few markets overseas, with a decent $5.3m from Spain comprising most of its small $7,733,423 total.  The worldwide total was $29.1m, leaving Disney with about $16m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would about cover their P&A costs only.  This marked Mike Figgis’ last detour into studio filmmaking.