Budget: $75.6m Financed by: Revolution Studios
Domestic Gross: $6,087,542 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $1,178,667

gigli flopThe very mention of the title Gigli has become synonymous with the usual hateful mantra, like ‘one of the worst movies of all time’, ‘one of the biggest flops of all time.’  Gigli was financed by Revolution Studios and the budget was reported at $54m at the time of release and when Revolution Studios went bust and its library was up for sale, the actual cost was listed as $75.6m.  Toxic buzz trailed Gigli into release and after reshoots and heated debates between director Martin Brest and Revolution head Joe Roth, the film was released by Sony in the US in 2,215 empty theaters to $3,753,518.  Audiences slapped Gigli with a hateful D- cinemascore and at the time of release, Gigli set the record for the biggest second weekend decline at 81.9% to $678,640.  The film was pulled from all but 73 theaters and dropped 97.2% in its third weekend to $18,702 and was promptly yanked out of release with an embarrassing $6,087,542.  Sony dumped Gigi straight to video in almost every market overseas and in its brief theatrical run, pulled in an anemic $1,178,667.  Veteran director Martin Brest torpedoed his career with this fiasco and hasn’t worked since.