Budget: $56m Financed by: Turner Pictures
Domestic Gross: $12,882,934 Domestic Distributor: Turner Pictures (through Warner Bros)
Overseas Gross: $41,002

gods and generalsTed Turner put up $56m of his fortune into the production of this commercial disaster and set up a minimum guarantee of $25m additional for P&A.  With no bankable stars, a three and a half hour running time and terrible reviews, the odds were stacked against God And Generals and Warner Bros distributed the film with costs paid by Turner.  Gods And Generals opened in 1,533 theaters to an awful $4,675,246 coming in #8 for the weekend and the film saw a modest 37% second weekend decline to $2,946,476 before falling 53.3% in its third frame to $1,377,431.  Gods And Generals closed with $12,882,934 leaving Ted Turner with about $7m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, plus distribution fees to Warner Bros.  The film pulled in all of $41,002 overseas and went straight to video or television in almost every market.  Turner planed to produce a trio of civil war films, the first being Gettysburg (1993), but after the failure of Gods And Generals that third film never materialized.