Budget: $35.2m Financed by: Dreamworks
Domestic Gross: $38,125,247 Domestic Distributor: Dreamworks
Overseas Gross: $495,237

head of state 2003Dreamworks had an awful 2003, which scored one hit — Old School and in a year of reduced output, saw duds like Head Of State, Biker Boyz, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and Anything Else.  Budgeted at $35.2 million, Chris Rock’s first directing gig would be dependent on the domestic market, as few comedies play well overseas, especially a broad political comedy.  Head Of State opened #1 on a very slow weekend, pulling in $13,503,484 and the film saw a modest 36.5% decline the following weekend to $8,578,181 but it fell a steep 53.6% in its third frame to $3,982,035.  Head Of State closed its box office run with a disappointing $38,125,247 leaving Dreamworks with about $20.9 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross — which would about cover the domestic P&A costs, but leave the budget in the red.  Overseas, Head Of State barely saw a theatrical release grossing $495,237 and going straight to video in most markets.