Budget: $80m Financed by: Warner Bros
Domestic Gross: $20,991,364 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $47,523,480

looney tunes back in action A sad commercial fiasco, that saw the end of veteran director Joe Dante’s studio helming days, the cancellation of further Looney Tunes features and shorts and the complete shutdown of Warner Bros Animation, which was mostly disbanded already.  Production was apparently a mess, with script arguments between the studio and the filmmakers and what was left was an $80 million dud.  Despite Looney Tunes: Back In Action having a rather poor reputation, the film did receive kind reviews from critics, but the family marketplace was crowded and it opened at #5 with $9,317,371 when Elf led the weekend and Looney Tunes even opened behind Disney’s Brother Bear in its fourth weekend.  The film had further competition the following weekend, when The Cat In The Hat opened and Looney Tunes sank 54.8% to $4,215,236 and bombed out of release with $20,991,364.  Looney Tunes: Back In Action pulled in mostly soft numbers overseas, grossing $47,523,480 — bringing the worldwide total to $68.5 million, leaving Warner Bros with about $37.6 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover even half of the P&A costs and the budget is all red.