Budget: $50m Financed by: MGM
Domestic Gross: $41,088,845 Domestic Distributor: MGM
Overseas Gross: $14,406,718;

out of time 2003 box officeTroubled MGM reduced the budgets for their 2003 output with pictures that cost around $20 million or less.  Out Of Time was the lion’s biggest film in 2003, since they only partially invested in Bulletproof Monk.  MGM covered the $50 million costs for the Denzel Washington vehicle Out Of Time and selling off most overseas distribution, would help cover their exposure to the budget.  MGM opened the film in the US in 3,076 theaters with an ok start with $16,185,316 but Out Of Time did not hold up well at the box office.  The film fell 46.9% the next weekend to $8,590,001 and followed that with a 53.4% tumble to $4,002,023 and closed its run with a disappointing $41,088,845.  MGM would see back about $22.5 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would cover a good part of their P&A costs, but leave their exposure to the budget in the red.  Out Of Time was a dud overseas, grossing just $14,406,718 across numerous distributors and with most markets pulling in less than one million.