The Good Thief

Budget: $30 million Financed by: Alliance Atlantis
Domestic Gross: $3,517,797 Domestic Distributor: Fox Searchlight
Overseas Gross: $2,239,148
Directed by: Neil Jordan
Nick Nolte
Produced by: John Wells

the good thief neil jordanNeil Jordan’s remake of the 1956 French film Bob le Flambeur, The Good Thief was financed by the Canadian shingle Alliance Atlantis for $30 million.  Atlantis was getting into the global financing game, backing more expensive productions with strong directors, who could deliver a film with appeal to worldwide audiences.  However, at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002, Alliance Atlantis announced that they would no longer finance films in the $20 million – $30 million range, but focus on smaller productions around $5 million to $10 million, which was attributed to Alliance Atlantis still being very exposed to the budget of The Good Thief after pre-sales.  Fox Searchlight acquired US distribution rights and opened The Good Thief in 9 theaters to $131,580 with an ok $14,620 per screen average.  The film performed moderately well in limited release, but sputtered out when Fox Searchlight expanded it to 202 theaters in its fourth weekend to $468,811 with a $2,320 per screen average.  The Good Thief never expanded beyond 222 theaters and closed its run with $3,517,797.  Overseas, the film was given brief theatrical runs from its many distributors, with $512,294 from the UK as the highest number — from distributor Momentum Pictures, which Alliance Atlantis has ownership of.  The overseas total was just $2,239,148 and certainly no cash overages would flow back to Alliance Atlantis.