Budget: $30m Financed by: Lakeshore Entertainment; Cinerenta
Domestic Gross: $5,381,908 Domestic Distributor: Miramax
Overseas Gross: $19,481,896

human stain 2003 box officeLakeshore Entertainment financed the $30 million big screen adaptation of The Human Stain and received some capital from German based Cinerenta, who tapped into the now defunct German tax shelter fund.  Before production began, Miramax signed on as US distributor and Lakeshore sold off overseas rights to numerous distributors, which would help limit their exposure to the budget.  Originally scheduled for a September 26 release, Miramax bumped the film back until October 31 as an awards hopeful, but The Human Stain received a mixed response from critics and the film would prove to be a hard sell.  Miramax opened the film in 160 theaters to a soft start with $1,034,195 and a $6,463 per screen average.  The Human Stain expanded to 187 theaters the following weekend to diminishing returns with $762,379 and continued to struggle while expanding and the film never played in more than 388 theaters.  The North American gross stalled at $5,381,908.  Miramax’s parent company Disney dumped the movie in the UK in 94 theaters to all of $134,053 and Italy posted the majority of the overseas total with $6m.  The overseas gross was $19,481,896 across numerous distributors.