Budget: $55m Financed by: Lakeshore Entertainment; Paramount; Motion Picture Production GmbH & Co. Ertste KG
Domestic Gross: $34,244,097 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $11,252,437

the hunted 2003 friedkinDirector William Friedkin helmed this difficult production and continued to raise eyebrows in hollywood, not for controversial material in the film, but that of nepotism — since every studio considered him unemployable and yet Paramount which was run by his wife Sherry Lansing, would hire him for big budget productions.  The Hunted was snatched up by Lakeshore Entertainment after Disney put the project into turnaround.  Lakeshore financed the film with Paramount for $55 million, with some production coin from the German Tax shelter Motion Picture Production GmbH & Co. Ertste KG.  The Hunted was to complete production in 2001, but Benicio Del Toro suffered a wrist injury, which shut production down in June 2001 and was delayed until in February 2002.  The Hunted received mixed to poor reviews and Paramount opened the film in 2,516 theaters to a soft start with $13,482,638.  Audiences gave the film a terrible C cinemascore and the film dropped 51.7% the following weekend to $6,510,154 and closed its run with a disappointing $34,244,097.  The Hunted flopped in every territory overseas, grossing just $1.9 million in the UK and Spain posted the highest gross with only $2 million and most markets pulled in under one million.  The overseas total was $11,252,437.  After The Hunted posted heavy red ink for Paramount, Sherry Lansing attached her husband to a big budget project about mob lawyer Sidney Korshak, which again drew criticism of nepotism, but in 2004 Lansing left the studio and the project never materialized.  William Friedkin has not directed another big budget studio production after The Hunted, but rebounded critically with the low budget Bug in 2006.