Budget: $41m Financed by: Emperor Multimedia Group
Domestic Gross: $22,219,192 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Tri-Star)
Overseas Gross: $12,049,509

The Medallion Jackie ChanEmperor Multimedia Group (four Hong Kong companies in real estate, banking, entertainment and financial services) packaged the financing for The Medallion at $41m, which was the most expensive Hong Kong production at the time of release and quickly changed part of the script to take place in Ireland to benefit from their tax incentives.  The Medallion was shot in English and was designed for the global market, but this Jackie Chan vehicle saw little interest from moviegoers, which was vfx heavy instead of relying on Chan’s stunt work.  Sony picked up worldwide rights, except in Asia and France and heavily re-edited the film and ordered reshoots.  Sony released The Medallion through their Tri-Star label and opened it at the end of the summer dumping ground, where the film opened with a soft $8,111,324 and it declined 42.3% i its second frame to $4,682,812.  The Medallion dropped 53.4% in its third weekend to $2,183,244 and closed its North American run with $22,219,192.  Emperor distributed the pic in Hong Kong, where it was a major flop, grossing just $929,544.  The international star saw The Medallion tank in every market and it grossed $12,049,509 overseas.  Jackie Chan’s career hit a low with the back to back releases of The Medallion and Around The World In 80 Days.