Budget: $35m Financed by: N1 European Film; FOX
Domestic Gross: $7,660,806 Domestic Distributor: FOX
Overseas Gross: $3,900,000

the order 2003 heath ledgerFilmed as The Sin Eater, this Brian Helgeland directed film was financed for $35m by former Polygram Filmed Entertainment president Michael Kuhn’s new company N1 European Film with some capital and distribution by FOX.  The Heath Ledger vehicle was delayed after poor special effects were deemed unintentionally hilarious and the film also had significant interference from FOX, who opened the film, re-titled The Order without screenings for critics.  The Order opened in 1,975 theaters to a weak $4,438,899 and audiences slapped the film with a hateful D+ cinemascore and the film collapsed at the box office, falling 74.3% the following weekend to $1,140,136.  The Order was yanked out of most theaters going into its third weekend and quickly closed its run with $7,660,806.  The Order saw a small release overseas, going straight to video in the majority of markets and pulled in $3,900,000 from its theatrical run.