Budget: $7.5m Financed by: FilmEngine
Domestic Gross: $3,825,421 Domestic Distributor: New Line
Overseas Gross: $1,519,662

real cancun 2003New Line threatened reality television crossing over onto the big screen with The Real Cancun, which was financed by FilmEngine for $7.5m.  Universal was also in a race with New Line to get their reality movie The Quest, also about idiots on spring break to theaters first.  The Real Cancun made it to screens first and all industry eyes were on the performance of the film (‘film’ seems like such a complicated word for what’s on display here) and had The Real Cancun been successful it would have launched an era of reality junk clogging up the multiplex.  Thankfully the big screen reality movie opened far below expectations to a pitiful $2,108,796 in 2,261 theaters, posting one of the worst per screen averages with $932 and audiences gave this a terrible C- cinemascore.  After the failure of the opening weekend, Universal had seconds thoughts about The Quest and wisely threw away the trashy product in their vault for three years and dumped it straight to video in 2006.  The Real Cancun saw a huge 71% decline to $612,495 the following weekend and promptly lost most of its theater count and was completely out of release at the end of its fourth frame with $3,825,421.  After theaters take their percentage of the gross, New Line would not even recover the costs of striking prints for this junk or any of their ad spend.  The film saw a theatrical release in France and Australia to just $1,519,662 and went straight to video in the few markets that picked it up for a release.