Budget: $60m Financed by: New Line
Domestic Gross: $28,331,233 Domestic Distributor: New Line
Overseas Gross: $33,016,564

after the sunsetNew Line financed the $60m After The Sunset and sold off the overseas distribution rights, which would help limit their exposure to the budget.  A week before its US release, New Line previewed the film in 1,000 theaters to 85% capacity, but the film opened the following weekend to a soft $11,100,392.  New Line was hoping the film would have long legs at the box office and make through the Thanksgiving holiday market, but After The Sunset sank 54.3% in its second frame to $5,075,005 killing its chances at breaking out.  The film saw a modest 38.9% third weekend drop to $3,101,979, but soon closed its run with a weak $28,331,233 leaving New Line with about $15.5m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would leave some of the P&A cost in the red and their exposure to the budget also in the red.  Entertainment distributed in the UK and After The Sunset pulled in a poor $3.3m total in 316 theaters and Roadshow distributed in Australia to a terrible $1.3m.  The overseas total was $33,016,564 across numerous distributors.