Budget: $23m Financed by: Fine Line (New Line)
Domestic Gross: $5,095,038 Domestic Distributor: New Line
Overseas Gross: $18,830,454

birthOriginally in development at Regency, Birth found its way to a green light at Fine Line and they financed the film for $23m and Fine Line was set to be distributor in the US, but Birth went out through New Line’s bigger distribution platform.  The film proved a difficult sell and New Line opened the film in 550 theaters to a weak $1,705,577, which were troubling numbers for the film to expand.  Remaining in 550 theaters, Birth declined 23% in its second weekend to $1,312,896 and sank 75.4% in its third frame to $322,762.  About two months after it tanked at the box office, New Line put the film back in 453 theaters for an Oscar hopeful run, but it was widely ignored again and pulled in just $242,185 with a $534 per screen average and it left theaters at the end of the week.  Birth closed its US run with only $5,095,038.  Overseas, the film pulled in mostly soft numbers.  Entertainment distributed in the UK and saw $2.1m and Roadshow dumped the film in Australia, where it pulled in just $242,541.  Italy posted the strongest showing with $5.1m and the overseas total was $18,830,454 across many distributors.