Budget: $23m Financed by: Alcon
Domestic Gross: $12,195,626 Domestic Distributor: Alcon (through Warner Bros)
Overseas Gross: $117,697

chasing liberty Formerly titled First Daughter, Chasing Liberty started production a week before another film with a similar premise First Daughter with Katie Holmes.  Alcon ended up changing the title and the Regency film kept the First Daughter title.  Both films failed at the box office.  Alcon financed Chasing Liberty for $23m and Alcon also paid for distribution costs and Warner Bros distributed for a fee.  Warner Bros/Alcon opened Chasing Liberty in the US in 2,400 theaters and it grossed $6,081,483 and had weak legs with a 53.9% second weekend drop to $2,804,329 and sank 75.7% in its third weekend and quickly left theaters with only $12,195,626.  Alcon would see back about $6.6m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not even cover half of their P&A costs and leave the budget at a loss.  Chasing Liberty was dumped straight to video in almost every market and grossed an anemic $117,697 from a tiny overseas release.

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