Budget: $30m Financed by: Regency
Domestic Gross: $9,055,921 Domestic Distributor: FOX
Overseas Gross: $1,536,259

first daughterRegency fully financed First Daughter for $30m and went into production a week after another competing film with a similar premise Chasing Liberty began filming.  Both films were titled First Daughter and Alcon relented and changed their title.  Both films were box office flops.  Fox distributed the film, as per their output deal with Regency and opened First Daughter in the US in 2,260 theaters, where it pulled in a poor $4,002,067.  First Daughter declined 46.1% in its second frame to $2,158,637 and sank 72.1% in its third frame to $603,094 and quietly closed its box office run with only $9,055,921.  Fox released the film in the UK to a terrible $343,566 and Mexico posted the highest overseas total with just $420,468.  The film pulled in a mere $1,536,259 from a few markets and went straight to video in most territories.