Budget: $35m Financed by: Revolution Studios
Domestic Gross: $20,698,668 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $1,336,164

little black bookRevolution Studios financed Little Black Book for $35m and Sony distributed the film in most territories and this was one of the few blemishes of a very good year for Sony, which finished in the top spot of domestic grossers of all the studios in 2004.  Sony opened the poorly reviewed Brittany Murphy vehicle in 2,445 theaters after a pricey P&A spend, to a weak $7,075,217 and the film saw a 46.5% second weekend decline to $3,784,115.  Little Black Book fell 59.9% in its third frame to $1,517,423 and bombed out of theaters with $20,698,668 which would leave Sony with about $11.3m after theaters take their percentage of the gross — far below their P&A spend.  Sony dumped Little Black Book overseas in a small release, where the film pulled in just $1,336,164 and no cash overages would flow back to Revolution since Sony did not recoup their distribution costs.