Budget: $6m (estimated) Financed by: Delfino Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $527,000 Domestic Distributor: National Lampoon/P&A Releasing
Overseas Gross: $302,140

gold diggersDelfino Entertainment was formed to finance low cost, high concept comedies for $6m and under and Gold Diggers was their first and last film.  National Lampoon acquired Gold Diggers after the film was finished and slapped their name onto the title and handled distribution with P&A Releasing, which is their only credit.  Gold Diggers somehow escaped from the direct to video waste bin and opened in 1,062 theaters to one of the worst openings of all time at $403,164 with a remarkably bad $379 per screen average.  The film was pulled out of release at the end of its first week with only $527,000 and independent distributors only see a small percentage of the gross (Regal Cinemas only pays out 34% of the ticket price to small distributors) and almost the entire P&A spend was a loss.  National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers saw a release in Russia to a miserable $302,140 and saw a direct to video release in only a few countries.