Budget: $80m Financed by: Sony (Columbia)
Domestic Gross: $42,726,869 Domestic Distributor: Sony (Columbia)
Overseas Gross: $12,314,498

spanglishSony financed Spanglish for $80m through their Columbia label and previewed the film a week before release in 1,100 locations to 75% capacity, but Spanglish opened to a crowded end of the year market and mixed reviews did not help the film that was pulling in an older audience.  Sony opened the film in 2,438 theaters to a weak $8,817,853 but the film had enough legs to push its gross to $42,726,869 — but its production expenses plus P&A costs put the bill well over $100m for Sony.  Spanglish pulled in miserable numbers overseas, grossing a mere $12,314,498 which would bring the worldwide total to $55m, leaving Sony with about $30m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would barely cover worldwide P&A costs and leave the budget in the red.  Director James L Brooks’ followup feature How Do You Know would get him kicked off the Sony lot, where his Gracie Films had been stationed since 1990.