Budget: $16m Financed by: Seven Hills Pictures; First Look Media; Cinerenta
Domestic Gross: $174,318 Domestic Distributor: First Look (through Samuel Goldwyn)
Overseas Gross: $0

statesideStateside was financed for $16m by director Reverge Anselmo’s Seven Hills Pictures and First Look Media and German based Cinerenta.  First Look distributed in the US through Samuel Goldwyn Films and First Look spent $4m on P&A costs.  Stateside opened in the US in 156 theaters and was dead on arrival with $113,620 with a terrible $728 per screen average.  The film was yanked out of all, but 24 theaters going into its second weekend and declined 91.9% to $9,242 and closed its run after three weeks with just $174,318.  After theaters take their percentage of the gross, First Look would loose almost their entire investment.  The film saw no theatrical release overseas and found only a few home video distributors and saw a belated straight to video release in Germany in 2007.