Budget: $50m Financed by: Shangri-La Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $6,489,476 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $319,074

the big bounceSteve Bing financed The Big Bounce himself for $50m, through his Shangri-La Entertainment and Warner Bros signed on as distributor in most territories.  Originally The Big Bounce was to be a hard R rated film, but according to director George Armitage, Bing was pressured by Warner Bros to trim the film to a PG-13 and in an interview with Armitage by filmcomment, he left the film in post production after the decision was made to gut the riskier content.  The less prohibitive rating didn’t do much to bolster ticket sales, as The Big Bounce opened to atrocious reviews and grossed a miserable $3,336,374 in 2,304 theaters.  Audiences gave the film a hateful D cinemascore and The Big Bounce declined 61.8% in its second frame to $1,273,483 and lost most of its theater count going into its third weekend of release.  The film grossed a terrible $6,489,476 at the US box office.  Warner Bros dumped the film straight to video in almost every overseas market and The Big Bounce grossed $238,839 in Australia and $80,235 in the United Arab Emirates for a $319,074 overseas total.