Budget: $80m Financed by: Paramount
Domestic Gross: $65,955,630 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $30,150,334

Manchurian candidateParamount financed this remake of the John Frankenheimer classic of the same name for $80m and was hoping the 2004 presidential election would help bolster sales due to its subject matter.  The Manchurian Candidate opened in the US in 2,867 theaters and came within expectations with $20,018,620 but the film did not have the legs it needed to carry it to profit and it declined 48.8% the following weekend to $10,256,421.  The Manchurian Candidate closed its run with a mediocre $65,955,630 but the film was a dud overseas, where it need a healthy gross to pull up its domestic numbers.  The overseas total was just $30,150,334 bringing the worldwide total to $96.1m, which would leave Paramount with about $52.8m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would cover their P&A costs, but very little of the production costs.  Another Frankenheimer remake (Seconds) was being pushed into development at Paramount around the time of this film’s release, but never got off the ground after The Manchurian Candidate came and went.