Budget: $30m Financed by: Movision; Studios DeLux; Istituto Luce; Spice Factory; UK Film Council
Domestic Gross: $3,765,585 Domestic Distributor: Sony Pictures Classics
Overseas Gross: $17,652,140

The Merchant of VeniceThe Merchant of Venice was budgeted at $30m and was financed by the British tax fund Movision, Luxembourg’s Studios DeLux, Italy’s Istituto Luce, Australia based Spice Factory and the UK Film Council invested £609,000 ($970,000).  Arclight Films sold the film to international distributors.  Sony Pictures Classics acquired US rights and opened the film in 4 theaters for an Oscar qualifying run on Dec 31 and the film pulled in $69,868 with a decent $17,467 per screen average.   The Merchant of Venice remained in limited release for 21 weeks and never expanded beyond 107 theaters and pulled in $3,765,585.  Overseas, distributors also did not do much in the way of an expensive release and Optimum distributed in the UK and opened the film in 67 theaters to $287,092 and the film never expanded and closed with $2.1m.  The German numbers were a weak $1.7m and it went straight to video in 2006 in France.  The overseas total was $17,652,140 across numerous distributors.