Budget: $40m Financed by: Paramount; Spyglass Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $10,391,003 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $485,802

the perfect scoreParamount and Spyglass Entertainment financed The Perfect Score for an estimated $40m and Paramount opened the film in the US with a glut of teen fare in the marketplace, including You Got Served and Win A Date With Tad Hamilton!.  The Perfect Score opened with a poor $4,873,819, barely coming in ahead of two other Scarlett Johansson films that had been in limited release for weeks, Lost In Translation and Girl With The Pearl Earring.  The Perfect Score dropped 41.2% the following weekend to $2,863,821 and then sank 67.5% the third weekend to $932,056 and bombed out of theaters with just $10,391,003.  Paramount dumped the film in a few markets overseas where it grossed $485,802 and it went straight to video in most territories.  Paramount would see back about $6m after theaters take their percentage of the worldwide gross, which would not cover much of their P&A costs and leave their portion of the budget, as well as Spyglass’ in the red.