Budget: $40m Financed by: Village Roadshow; Warner Bros
Domestic Gross: $21,215,059 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $25,331,138

torqueVillage Roadshow and Warner Bros co-financed Torque for $40m and Warner Bros released the film in most territories.  Torque opened in the US in 2,463 theaters and came in within its low expectations with $9,970,557 but the film had no staying power at the box office.  Torque fell 54.9% the next weekend to $4,492,005 and followed that with a steep 66.8% decline to $1,489,491 and quickly left theaters with $21,215,059.  Warner Bros would see back about $11.6m, which would leave at least 1/3 of their P&A spend in the red.  Overseas, Torque pulled in weak numbers, grossing $1.9m in the UK and Roadshow distributed in their home country Australia to $2.1m and $2.6m from Germany was the highest overseas gross.  The overseas total was $25,331,138 and in a quarterly financial report, Roadshow reported a $12m profit in their film division, attributed to revenue still piling in from the Matrix sequels, but their profit was cut into from losses from Torque.