Budget: $23m Financed by: Focus; Granada Films
Domestic Gross: $16,136,476 Domestic Distributor: Focus
Overseas Gross: $3,326,709

vanity fairDuring development of Vanity Fair, British broadcaster ITV announced they were shutting down their film division, Granada Films and Vanity Fair would be one of two productions that they would co-finance before they shutter.  Focus co-financed Vanity Fair, which had a price tag of $23m and Focus distributed in the US and sold off overseas distribution, which would limit their exposure to the budget.  The film opened in the US moderately wide in 1,051 theaters to a soft $4,833,900, which did not bode well for the film to expand.  Vanity Fair added three theaters in its second weekend to diminishing returns and fell 45.9% to $2,613,777 and saw a 40.1% third weekend decline to $1,564,804.  The film closed its US run with $16,136,476 leaving Focus with about $8.8m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover their modest P&A spend.  Overseas, Vanity Fair saw small business, grossing $1.5m in the UK, which posted almost half of the $3,326,709 total across numerous distributors.