Budget: $30m Financed by: Lakeshore Entertainment; MGM
Domestic Gross: $13,001,257 Domestic Distributor: MGM
Overseas Gross: $8,567,561

wicker parkLakeshore Entertainment financed Wicker Park, the english language remake of the french 1996 film L’Appartement, for $30m and MGM signed on as US distributor in early development and contributed $9m toward the production costs.  Lakeshore handled foreign distribution sales to distributors who mostly dumped the film.  MGM opened Wicker Park on the sluggish labor day weekend and not surprisingly the film pulled in a poor $5,467,281 in 2,598 theaters.  The poorly reviewed film also received a poor C+ cinemascore from moviegoers and Wicker Park saw a 54.1% second weekend decline to $2,508,355 and 59.9% third weekend drop to $1,005,718.  The film was out of release at the end of its fourth week with $13,001,257 leaving MGM with about $7m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not even cover half of the P&A costs.  Momentum Pictures distributed in the UK and opened the film moderately wide in 255 theaters to a terrible $572,424 and its gross was no longer reported after its second week in release with just $1.2m.  Wicker Park was dumped in France in 94 theaters and lasted one week with $196,107 and Spain posted the highest overseas numbers with a weak $2.9m.  The overseas total was $8,567,561 across many distributors and the film went straight to video in Italy.