Budget: $24m Financed by: Dreamworks
Domestic Gross: $17,071,962 Domestic Distributor: Dreamworks
Overseas Gross: $4,206,494

win a date with tad hamilton!Dreamworks financed Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! for $24m and opened the film in the US in 2,711 theaters to a disappointing $7,320,066 and it did not have strong enough legs to push its weak opening into the black.  Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! declined 42.5% the following weekend to $4,211,395 and stumbled 61.1% the third weekend to $1,638,287 and closed its run with $17,071,962.  Dreamworks would see back back about $9.3m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, leaving part of the P&A costs and the budget in the red.  Universal distributed the film overseas, which pulled in a mere $4,206,494 with $1.4m from Australia and $971,738 from the UK being the bulk of its total.