Budget: $65m Financed by: Paramount; Lakeshore Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $25,874,337 Domestic Distributor: Paramount
Overseas Gross: $26,429,664

aeon fluxAeon Flux was co-financed by Paramount and Lakeshore Entertainment for $65m and the film fell victim to three administration changes at Paramount.  Former Paramount studio head Sherry Lansing greenlit the film to be the studio’s answer to Blade Runner and after she was replaced, the newly appointed production chief Gail Berman saw the film closer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  After the studio removed director Karyn Kusama during post production, the film was sliced and diced, removing over 25 minutes and rendering the final result mostly incoherent, which prompted Paramount to not screen the film for critics.  Aeon Flux opened in the US in 2,608 theaters on the lower end of expectations with $12,661,112.  The film sank 64% in its second weekend to $4,561,619 and saw a 61.6% third frame drop to $1,751,220 and closed its run with $25,874,337.  UIP (joint distribution between Paramount and Universal) released Aeon Flux overseas to poor numbers in most markets.  The film bombed in the UK with $1.9m and it grossed just $1.7m in Australia.  The film was dumped in France to all of $232,946 and Japan posted the highest ticket sales at $5.3m and the overseas total was $26,429,664.  The worldwide total was $52.3m, which would leave $28.7m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover the worldwide P&A costs and leave the budget in the red.