Budget: $88m Financed by: Universal; Miramax; Disney
Domestic Gross: $61,649,911 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $46,890,000

cinderella manCinderella Man was co-financed for $88m by Universal and Miramax and Disney paid for half of Miramax’s contribution and would distribute the film overseas through Buena Vista Intl.  Universal distributed Cinderella Man in the US and previewed the film the week before release in 761 theaters to 90% capacity to spread word of mouth and opened the film in 2,812 theaters to a soft $18,320,205.  The film received an A+ cinemascore from audiences and was expected to break out from the positive response, but Cinderella Man declined 46.9% the following weekend to $9,728,955 killing its chances at breaking out.  Universal blamed the June release date as the reason for the box office disappointment, questioning whether the film would have played better if positioned as an end of the year award contender, but Russell Crowe’s off screen behavior, who recently made headlines when throwing a phone at a hotel clerk, didn’t help.  In late November, after the film was a commercial flop, Universal put the film back on 5 screens and gave the film a heavy awards campaign, which didn’t exactly pay off when the film only mustered a supporting actor nomination for Paul Giamatti and editing and makeup.  Cinderella Man stalled out of release with a disappointing $61,649,911 leaving Universal with about $33m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which covers their P&A costs, but leaves their half of the budget in the red.  Buena Vista Intl. overhauled the marketing for its overseas release, with less emphasis on the depression era setting and more on the love story between its bankable leads, but the film also did not see commercial success.  The film saw a soft $4.1m in the UK and $4.5m in Australia.  Cinderella Man bombed in France with $2.1m and was a disaster in Germany with $666,350 and the strongest market was $10.1m from Japan.  The overseas total was $46,890,000.