Budget: $43m Financed by: New Regency; Fox
Domestic Gross: $24,409,722 Domestic Distributor: Fox
Overseas Gross: $32,271,844

elektra Elektra was co-financed by New Regency and Fox for $43m and Fox opened the film in the US in 3,204 theaters, where it came in well below expectations with $12,804,793.  Elektra was incredibly front loaded and sank 69% in its second frame to $3,964,598 and followed that with a 64.4% third frame decline to $1,411,578 and the film left the box office with a terrible $24,409,722.  Fox released Elektra in most overseas markets and the film flopped in every country.  Fox opened the film wide in the UK in 326 theaters to $1,480,241 and it dropped 67.8% the following weekend to $476,724 and lasted only three weeks to $2,757,515.  Spain posted the highest gross with a soft $4,384,232 and the overseas total was $32,271,844.  The worldwide total was $56.6m, leaving Fox/New Regency with about $31m after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover the worldwide P&A spend and leave the budget in the red.