Budget: $50m Financed by: Arclight Entertainment; VIP 3; Endgame Entertainment; Philippe Rousselet
Domestic Gross: $24,149,632 Domestic Distributor: Lionsgate
Overseas Gross: $48,467,436

lord of warFrench producer Philippe Rousselet secured the $50m of financing for Lord of War through $30m in pre-sales by Arclight Entertainment, the German tax shelter fund VIP 3, Endgame Entertainment and some of Rousselet’s own money.  After production wrapped, Lionsgate acquired US rights for $10m and opened Lord of War in 2,814 theaters to a disappointing $9,390,144 and the film did not have the strong legs it needed to stay alive at the box office, as it declined 46.4% in its second frame to $5,034,906.  The film saw a 51.1% drop in its third weekend to $2,462,153 and closed its run with $24,149,632 and in an investor relations report, Lionsgate posted a $26m loss for Lord of War and The Devil’s Rejects because of the expensive P&A spend attributed to mainly Lord of War.  The film did mostly soft numbers overseas for the numerous distributors who plunked down the $30m in pre-sales and SND saw the highest return from France with $8,318,438.  Lord of War grossed a total of $48,467,436 across many distributors.